Epic Restaurant Chicago

Delicious Meals at Affordable Prices

Who We Are

We are a classy restaurant located in Chicago. Although we have been in business for 10 years, we have revolutionized the way restaurants operate in Chicago. From the onset, we knew that innovation, safety, and a great dining experience would be our business pillars. By sticking to that principle, we have grown rapidly to a point where we have 35 staff members and serve at least 1000 guests every day. This is a monumental growth that we owe to our customers and employees. The covid-19 pandemic has blunted our progress, but we remain undefeated. Join us for classy and affordable meals.

Our Story

Our story is a long one. We started our restaurant at a back alley in Queens. Back then, we used to sell pizza only. Our ability to prepare delicious meals with a strong emphasis on healthy eating earned us many customers. When our customer base grew, we decided to introduce other dishes.

Since then, we have introduced ten other meals on the menu and an extensive collection of wines and alcoholic drinks. We started with three staff members, and we are blessed to have 25 people working at the restaurant now. We know our story has not come to an end. Although the pandemic has temporarily pulled us back, we hope to continue improving our restaurant.


Our mission is to treat our diners with respect while serving them sumptuous meals. As a result, we emphasize the quality of meal preparation and serving. We have professional chefs and waiters who have taken their studies at some of the country’s best culinary institutions. Their invaluable advice, dedication, and hard work are part of the reason we are among the top restaurants in Chicago.

¬†Even before our restaurant was founded, the founders had a clear vision. They had seen how some restaurants were preparing meals without adhering to health protocols or ignoring the latest culinary practices. The vision of a restaurant is to introduce new ways of meal preparation while keeping it healthy. It’s a vision that has seen us increase our customer base and attract notable investors. We will continue implementing this vision in the coming years.

Vision & Mission


1841 Nash Street
Chicago, Illinois 60606

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